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Category : News May 11, 2015

We had such a lovely email from a customer the other day that we just had to share it… Thank you!

“I just wanted to get in contact to say what a fantastic product Paw Paw moisturising lip balm is.

I’m a bloke, and a bald bearded one at that. I hate the lying and underhand b.s sales tactics I see every day in cosmetics. The inventing of pseudo science terms that mean nothing to push product, inclusion of harmful additives that are actually BAD for people but increase shelf life, etc. etc.

The only cosmetics I use are antiperspirant, soap, and moisturiser for my head.

But … I’ve always had problem with my lips … They’re big, and get dry / cracked easily. So I’ve had to resort to using lip balms to keep this under control. I recently switched to some brand I’d never used before from Tesco … 2 days later my lips had blistered and were cracking / bleeding! Probably an allergic reaction or something.

Frustrated, I decided to leave them to heal naturally for a few days. Well after 2 days of this, not being able to smile without skin cracking, I went into Tesco and almost bought some more lip balm … Then I saw Paw Paw. Yes it was more than the lip balm, but what the hell, I looked at the back and saw only a handful of natural ingredients, as opposed to the dozens of chemicals listed in the lip balm. So I bought some.

What a revelation! After applying it my lips literally felt 100% normal again. And unlike with the lip balm, after a while of re-applying it I’m not left with that nasty sticky gunk that I usually have to grind off with a tissue.

I’m seriously impressed with this product. I try hundreds of new products each year (none of which are cosmetic usually) and I rarely write reviews or get in contact with a company to thank them, but here we are, so that must say something!

Also nice website :)”


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