Review by Jonesy Girl

Category : News May 27, 2015

“Hi everyone so i wanted to embrace the beauty part of my blog by reviewing a holy grail part of my makeup/beauty collection.
Today I am going to be talking about my ever so lovely paw paw papaya gold moisturiser. paw paw moisturising balm with papaya and manuka honey. this brand new product has recently just came to the UK and is sold in most boots superstores, originating from Australia, soothes and moisturises the lips and skin.this is such a just value product as it is retailed for £5.99 and you receive 25g of miracles.
I usually apply this at night and await a gorgeous complexion and softer lips, this is such a good product and i highly recomend it if you have quite dry lips although I’m a little upset because I am running low on my papaya gold!
This has all the benefits of the original formulation of Australia’s tropical Paw Paw (soothing irritated skin, relieving dryness and conditions like eczema and blemishes), however, it has been enhanced with New Zealand’s bioactive Manuka Honey (grade 20 and above) to deliver even more healing. Manuka Honey of this quality has pretty special healing powers according to researchers at Cardiff University. Well so I am told…this for me is a chuck in the handbag must have! i love it so much and i hope i have convinced you to purchase paw paw papaya gold! i have talked to paw paw themselves and they have supported me to make this review.thanks for reading.
Love, Lucyxxx”


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